“The Power In Your Hands”

Photos by Patricia Williams

April 30, 2019: “The power is in your hands to stand up for what’s right. Imagine a world as it should be and fight for it,” special guest and HRW supporter Leslie Gilbert-Lurie encouraged students and teachers at the 2019 STF Year-End Leadership Workshop.

Leslie and her mother, Rita Lurie, shared Rita’s story of surviving the terror of the Holocaust and their family’s lessons in courage and recovery. They read excerpts from their memoir, Bending Toward the Sun, and responded to many student questions. They emphasized the importance of speaking out against human rights violations within one’s community. “One voice can make a difference,” Leslie said.

Also speaking was Daisy Paniagua-Uribe, Congressman Ted Lieu’s Field Representative, who commended the students for standing up for human rights in the U.S. immigration system. She spoke of the importance of writing letters, calling legislative offices, and requesting meetings with elected officials to make sure their concerns are heard. The students presented Daisy with hundreds of signatures on letters to Congressman Lieu asking for his ongoing leadership to protect human rights in the immigration system. STFers are also collecting signatures on letters to Congressmembers Barragan, Bass, Hill and Sherman in preparation for May advocacy meetings.

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