Spring Into Action

April 15 – April 19, 2024: It’s busy season for STFers as they spring into action! STFers at Alain Leroy Locke, Canyon, Carlsbad, Carson, Da Vinci and Palisades Charter High Schools hosted lunch walkabouts, school-wide lessons, simulations, trivia games and tent events to spread knowledge about this year’s Celebrating 75 Years of Human Rights Action Plan.

Scroll to see photos of their events:

April 15, 2024: STFers at Palisades Charter HS hosted two events in one week! The first was a tent event that reached over 200 of their peers. Classes were educated on the history and current significance of the UDHR, the climate crisis and renewable energy on campus, as well as Human Rights on the Southern Border. They collected more than 150 signatures on the petition to protect asylum seekers and responses to the Declaring Our Human Rights survey. Photo by Anushka Malhotra

April 16, 2024: Da Vinci STFers hosted a trivia event during lunch to recruit new members and educate their campus about the Declaring Our Human Rights Action Plan. They gave prizes to the top 3 winners in Kahoot. They recruited 12 new members from this event alone. Photo by Gabbi McArtor

April 17, 2024: The student government class at Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy engaged their campus community in STF’s  Human Rights on the Southern Border Action Plan with an experiential tent event. The chapter collected over 80 petition signatures against deadly deterrence policies that will be delivered by mail to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Photo by Emily Hernandez

April 17, 2024: In anticipation of Earth Day, the Palisades Charter HS hosted a school-wide lesson on Human Rights and the Climate Crisis. The “Pali Period” provided students with a background in human rights and an understanding of the reality of environmental injustice in Los Angeles. Participants played a Climate Connections game and engaged in climate-themed activities at lunch, hosted by STF in partnership with other environmental groups on campus. Photo by Madeleine Wolfe

April 19, 2024: Canyon STFers educated their peers on their human right to digital privacy and the #StudentsNotProducts Action Plan. They hosted the #SNP simulation in five social studies classrooms over multiple periods. Photo by Maya Evans

April 19, 2024: In a concerted effort, Carson STFers hosted the Declaring Our Human Rights experiential tent event educating 14 classes on the four themes of this year’s action plan: Declaring Our Human Rights, Human Rights and the Climate Crisis, Human Rights on the Southern Border and #StudentsNotProducts. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

April 15-19, 2024: Leading up to phone call with Congressman Mike Levin, Carlsbad STFers walked around campus to inform their peers about deadly deterrence policies related to the U.S.-Mexico border. The chapter gathered nearly 300 petition signatures throughout the week, which will be delivered to Congressman Mike Levin next month. Photo by Brandon Faulkner

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