Standing Strong for Climate Action

To end the academic year strong, several STF chapters hosted events throughout May. They demonstrated their firm commitment to the Human Rights and the Climate Crisis Campaign by continuing efforts for climate action and education within their communities.

May 3, 2022: Sierra Canyon STFers presented at their May Board of Trustees meeting. Their request to transition the upper school campus to 100% renewable energy by installing solar panels was met with support and requests for next steps. The students will work with school administrators to secure quotes from solar companies and do an energy audit this summer. Photo by Tom Pollock
May 16, 2022: To ensure candidates running for office are discussing the climate emergency, STF leaders at Palisades Charter HS raised essential climate change questions with candidates for Los Angeles City Council District 11 during an interview with Circling The News, a local online news outlet. The reporter later posed the students’ questions and published this article with the candidates’ responses.
Graphic by Circling the News
May 17, 2022: With a concentrated effort on recruitment, Santa Monica HS STFers held a climate tent event welcoming over 150 ninth and tenth grade students to learn more about renewable energy, environmental justice, and what they can do to fight climate change. Photo by Jordan Todd
May 17, 2022: Partnering with friends and members of the volleyball team, STF Ambassadors at Valencia HS conducted a sit-in. Their goal was to raise awareness about how climate change is affecting their community and the need to take action against it. Photo by Kiera McInnes
May 19, 2022: In an effort to empower younger students to be human rights advocates, a New Roads School STF leader shared her experiences participating in STF at an All Middle School Meeting. Also at this weekly event, two STFers interviewed a climate columnist from the New York Times. Photo by Sean Brookes
May 20, 2022: Hosting their first-ever tent event, Hamilton HS STF climate tent event took place in the school’s main quad. Math, government, and physics teachers brought their students through the interactive exhibition on the global impacts of climate change and the need for renewable energy sources. Signing STF’s petition, students showed support for their efforts to include solar energy in the school’s upcoming comprehensive modernization project. Photo by Jordan Todd
May 21, 2022: STFers from multiple chapters gathered for the Year-End Beach Celebration to share reflections, advice for the future, and what it means to be an effective advocate. Reflections included: “Persistence is really important, I never understood that until this year. It really does pay off.” and “We tend to think too much about what other people will think or what might happen. Sometimes you just have to jump in and do something just because it’s the right thing to do.” Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
May 24, 2022: In partnership with their district’s Sustainability Coordinator, Culver City HS STF leaders asked school board members to transition their campus to 100% renewable energy by purchasing “Green Power” through the Clean Power Alliance. A motion for district staff to conduct a feasibility study was approved by four board members. STFers will also be invite to a future meeting to discuss prioritizing this transition. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

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