STF Celebrates 70 Years of the UDHR

December 10, 2018: Thanks to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and nations’ commitments to its principles, the dignity of millions has been uplifted, untold human suffering prevented and the foundations for a more just world have been laid. While its promise is yet to be fulfilled, the very fact that it has stood the test of time is testament to the enduring universality of its perennial values of equality, justice and human dignity. To educate about and to honor the 70th anniversary of the UDHR, members of the HRW Student Task Force hosted film screenings, art contests, photo challenges, posted visual displays around campus and filmed videos expressing why the anniversary is so significant.

Scroll to see photos of the events:

The Archer School for Girls STF members partnered with the Model UN to give away cupcakes with articles of the UDHR on flags and educated students about human rights violations around the world. Photo by Jacque Giebel
STF members at Canyon HS put up posters to highlight UDHR articles around campus and challenged their community to take photos with the rights they are most thankful for using their Snapchat geo-filter. Photo by Nancy Nazarian Medina
After setting up two tents, one focused on education and the other on games, Carson STFers asked participants trivia questions about the UDHR and human rights issues they have advocated for in the past. Winners received a piece of candy with an article of the UDHR attached. Photo by Christina Hancock
On December 14, Culver City STFers will host a screening of “Girl Rising” and discussion about the human rights issues featured in the film.
Along with calling for a “blue out” of all three campuses, the Da Vinci Schools STF chapter used their common gallery space to display the 30 articles of the UDHR and photos of youth advocacy. Photo by Rachel Andriacchi
Golden Valley STFers worked with teachers to identify winners of their UDHR art and poetry contest. Photo by Shelley Coe

The New Roads STF chapter created a video shown to all social studies classes explaining the importance of the 70th anniversary of the UDHR. (Click to watch, 2:28)

The New Roads Middle School STF Workshop honored the day by talking to their campus about how to raise their voices for human rights. Photo by Susan Turner Jones
On November 28, Palisades Charter HS STF surprised STF Teacher Advisor Angelica Pereyra with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition presented by Aurelia Friedman, a representative of Congressman Ted Lieu. Students gave a short presentation about the significance of the UDHR and thanked Ms. Pereyra for inspiring STF members for nearly 20 years.
Photo by Pam Bruns
On December 7, Santa Monica STFers hosted a screening of “The Last Survivor,” a story about four survivors of genocide and will host another film in the future. (Click to watch, 2:11)
Using a geo-filter at their second tent event, Sierra Canyon STFers discussed the status of human rights locally and globally by displaying photos of human rights abuses, articles of the UDHR and examples of their past advocacy efforts. Photo by Gowri Vadmal
During their weekly all school meeting, STF members at Wildwood educated their community about the UDHR.
Photo by Tassie Hadlock-Piltz

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