STF Honors Human Rights Day

STFers at Los Osos HS pose next to their whiteboard activity honoring Human Rights Day on Friday, December 10. Each wrote what human rights mean to them. Photo by Zayd Chowdhury

Friday, December 10, 2021 was the 73rd anniversary of the United Nations’ adoption of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights (UDHR), a document that proclaims the rights of every human being, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, political opinion, birth place, or any other status.

STFers celebrated this milestone and raised awareness about human rights on their campuses with events including all-school presentations, chalk art, information tables, paper chain displays, and more!

Scroll to see some of the events:

Taking advantage of popular gathering spaces, STFers at Canyon HS write messages about climate change and human rights to engage their classmates in conversation and recruit new members.
Photo by Daniela Reyes
Leaders at Carson HS educate their STF members on the history and meaning of the UDHR.
Photo by Brennie Dale
Culver City HS STF members pose for a photo with a QR code linking to their petition to uphold human rights by fighting climate change and transitioning their school to 100% renewable energy.
Photo by Brennie Dale
During Da Vinci Schools’ final meeting of the semester, students watched a video explaining the UDHR, reviewed its articles and played a Kahoot to learn more about the history of human rights.
Photo by Brennie Dale
Hamilton HS STFers make a paper chain with notes students wrote sharing what human rights mean to them.
Photo by Jordan Todd
Following an all-school presentation on the history of human rights and the UDHR, New Roads School students write personal pledges to uphold human rights by fighting climate change and sign the STF petition asking their school to transition to 100% renewable energy. Photo by Zaraya Jordan
Students at Valencia HS write chalk phrases honoring Human Rights Day. Photo by Keira McInnes

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