STF Leader Spotlight: Dani R.

Meet Dani R., STF Leader at Canyon High School and one of 18 young activists participating in the youth-led  Genesis B. v. Environmental Protection Agency Lawsuit, a California lawsuit accusing the EPA of failing to protect young people by allowing the release of dangerous levels of greenhouse gases.

Name: Dani R.

Chapter: Canyon HS

Graduation Year: 2024

STF Title: Publicity

STF Member Since: Fall 2020

STF Team: Why did you join STF?

Dani: I joined my freshman year because there were so many people in STF helping with prominent social issues that affect the world. Since then, I’ve been given opportunities that other people don’t get to do. This whole experience has been rewarding because I know I am helping others.

STF Team: What made you agree to join the Genesis B. v. EPA lawsuit?

Dani: I wanted to be a part of the lawsuit because of the effects climate change has had on my own community and issues that have personally impacted me and my friends including mudslides, water contamination, high levels of humidity and illnesses from mosquitoes.

STF Team: What is your role in the case?

Dani: I am a plaintiff in the case, so I will be sharing my personal experiences of how climate change has impacted my life. It is going to be a long process and a commitment that can take up to two years, but to me it is worth it knowing that it will inspire future generations to act on these issues.

STF Team: What are some of your greatest takeaways from STF so far?

Dani: I’ve learned that teamwork inspires other people to make change. The people I’ve met through advocacy, bringing awareness and knowing my voice can be heard has brought an intrinsic motivation for me to do more. Overall, STF creates a community that empowers others to use their voice.

STF Leaders Dani R. and Maya W. are plaintiffs in the case against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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