STF Leader Spotlight: Jonmathew C.

Please meet Jonmathew C., STF leader at Animo Venice Charter High School. Continue reading to learn about Jonmathew’s goals for the chapter as they continue engaging in this year’s Action Plan.

Name: Jonmathew C.

Chapter: Animo Venice Charter HS

Graduation Year: 2025

STF Title: President

STF Member Since: Fall 2022

STF Team: Why did you join STF at your school?

Jonmathew: The club already had a big presence at our school. Hearing what they were doing on the southern border and climate activism made me want to join. The biggest reason was that while other clubs talked about these issues, STF actually took action by making petitions, protesting and holding events that people could attend.

STF Team: What accomplishments are you most proud of since joining STF?

Jonmathew: My proudest moment was counting 117 petition signatures for the border crisis and seeing how many people actually cared. When you take the time to talk to someone and learn how the issue affects them personally, you are not just sharing facts but telling them a story.

STF Team: What are your goals for the next couple of months?

Jonmathew: Our main goal is to get as many signatures as possible for the southern border petitions. We are going to host a film screening and present in several classrooms to show students how dangerous it is to cross the southern border. We want to show people that the entire journey is too dangerous, and we can prevent thousands of deaths with our advocacy.

STF Team: What are some of your greatest takeaways from STF so far? What leadership skills have you gained?

Jonmathew: STF has taught me how to bring people together. Before this, I was not a very strong leader. STF has taught me how to communicate better. It has also made me very strict on timelines especially when it comes to emailing teachers, hosting events, etc. I have really learned how to be open with people. To be a leader, you have to involve everyone in your chapter.

Jonmathew and STFers at Animo Venice Charter HS run the #StudentNotProducts simulation in classrooms. Photo by STF Team

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