STF Leader Spotlight: Varun V.

Please meet Varun V., STF leader at Carlsbad High School. Continue reading to see how Varun seized an opportunity to speak with Congressman Mike Levin and learn about the chapter’s future plans for the Human Rights on the Southern Border Action Plan.

Name: Varun V.

Chapter: Carlsbad HS

Graduation Year: 2024

STF Title: Co-President

STF Member Since: Fall 2023

STF Team: Why did you decide to launch STF in your senior year?

Varun: HRW is an international organization that I cite in my speeches all the time, so it was an opportunity to work with people that do things that we look up to as young aspiring political activists. I just knew STF was something I wanted to do so I got involved.

STF Team: Can you tell us about Congressman Mike Levin’s visit to Carlsbad HS? How did you take advantage of this opportunity?

Varun: Mike Levin came to our campus to talk to an AP Government class. Yousha (our co-president) and I got selected to ask him questions. Yousha asked about his thoughts on the Southern Border crisis and I followed up with a question relating to a piece of legislation he is drafting focused on the U.S.-Mexico border. We were able to chat with him afterwards and have been in touch with his office since.

STF Team: What are your chapter’s next steps for Southern Border advocacy?

Varun: Our future plans involve collecting petition signatures and delivering these to Mike Levin. We will also be hosting a tent event in April to educate our campus about the human rights abuses immigrants face on the border.

STF Team: What are some of your greatest takeaways from STF so far?

Varun: STF has opened my eyes on the Southern Border crisis and other issues. It has taught me the value of collaborating with people and chapters who are working towards our same goal. Through leadership meetings, I get to learn from their perspectives and learn their different methods of achieving our shared advocacy goals. STF allows me to build my own leadership style while learning from others despite living in different areas and having different opinions on issues.

Varun and STFers at Carlsbad HS collected over 90 petition signatures at their first table event. They plan on collecting more signatures in their April tent event to deliver to Congressman Mike Levin.
Photo by Brandon Faulkner

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