STF Leader Spotlight: Wesley C.

To help STFers get to know each other, the STF Team is launching a new monthly spotlight. Please continue reading to meet Wesley C. from Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy.

Name: Wesley C.

Chapter: Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

Graduation Year: 2024

STF Title: President

STF Member Since: Sept. 2023

STF Team: What made you want to become an STF leader?

Wesley: My main goal in life is to help people. I can help people learn and educate them about human rights by helping them notice [human rights] violations. As a STF leader, I give that knowledge to people in my class and in the school. I am adamant about educating people.

STF Team: Before joining STF, did you learn about human rights anywhere?

Wesley: No, actually none before this. I did research on my own, but was never taught in school.

STF Team: Which Action Plan(s) do you want to tackle?

Wesley: I would like to focus on Declaring Our Human Rights and Human Rights and the Climate Crisis. I am learning a lot about the climate crisis in my environmental science class. Not only do the things we do on land affect us, but it affects the water, the air, the trees, the earth, the animals. Climate change is something we need to tackle right now.

STF Team: What are you most proud of so far since joining STF?

Wesley: Before this year, I was a super shy kid, but now I get up in front of everyone every Wednesday to teach about the [STF] Action Plan. I am getting over my fears of public speaking.

STF Team: Is there anything that you want people to know about you?

Wesley: That I am driven, creative, and I’m going to bring a lot of change.

Wesley C. leads his STF Chapter, a student government class, through a discussion about climate change.
Photo by Gabbi McArtor

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