STF Leader Spotlight: Zanea A.

Please meet Zanea A., STF leader at Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad, India. After learning about STF from a friend in Los Angeles, Aga Khan Academy became the first international STF chapter, and first in India. Continue reading to see how Zanea and the Aga Khan Chapter have engaged in this year’s Action Plan from across the world.

Name: Zanea A.

Chapter: Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

Graduation Year: 2025

STF Title: President

STF Member Since: Fall 2023

STF Team: What is it like to be an STF chapter in India? What kind of barriers or challenges have you faced?

Zanea: It is thrilling because you don’t often see these clubs in India. Mostly people lead community service clubs rather than something that engages social activism. Mostly the barriers are teachers disagreeing about issues, but my team and I got through it.

STF Team: What accomplishments as a part of STF are you most proud of?

Zanea: Setting up the club because it provided us a platform to speak up against issues while helping us organize different events on issues that are important to us. Even though these are small steps we are building up towards something huge. The coordinator of AKA is helping us organize a conference.

STF Team: More than 10% of the school responded to the Declaring Our Human Rights Student Survey in the fall. How do you plan to continue educating your campus about human rights?

Zanea: Next fall, we will host a conference where students decide whether to take action against a humanitarian crisis. We will also bring in a guest speaker and plan service ideas for the local community. The conference will be open to 11 high schools.

STF Team: What are some of your greatest takeaways from STF so far? What leadership skills have you gained?

Zanea: Teamwork is something I have learned. Leadership is about growing together, not just taking charge. Cooperating with others. People often disagree, but when you learn how to respect others opinion you learn how to view the world from a different perspective. I have become more open-minded since being in STF.

Zanea and STFers at Aga Khan Academy collected responses from more than 10% of the school for the Declaring Our Human Rights survey. Photo by Zanea Ali

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