STF Leaders Spotlight: Clementine C.

Please meet Clementine C., STF leader at Palisades Charter High School and the 2023 recipient of HRE USA’s Youth in Action Award.

Name: Clementine C.

Chapter: Palisades Charter HS

Graduation Year: 2024

STF Title: President

STF Member Since: Fall 2020

STF Team: When did you first join STF and how did you learn about it?

Clementine: I joined as a freshman in Fall 2020, having educated myself on social justice issues during the pandemic. When we returned to campus, I learned about the chapter’s solar proposal. I wanted to be a part of that and because of STF’s Executive Director, Pam Bruns. Pam was amazing at recognizing youth voices and she believed in me before I believed in myself.

STF Team: What is one of your favorite moments from STF?

Clementine: The first event I helped organize was a climate-focused tent event. Our chapter put up multiple tents in the quad and a bunch of classes came through. I really enjoyed educating people on environmental justice and giving students the opportunity to learn about something so important. Climate advocacy is a passion of mine, so being able to share that with other high schoolers was a huge moment for me.

STF Team: What leadership skills have you gained from being a part of STF?

Clementine: I have gained confidence in myself and I am now able to say “I am capable.” I learned how to advocate for myself, which was something I struggled with at the beginning of high school. I also improved my public speaking and learned how to speak to people in positions of authority.

STF Team: Congratulations, you were recently selected to win HRE USA’s Youth in Action Award! Can you tell me more about this award and what it means to you to be an activist?

Clementine: HRE USA created this brand new award to recognize young people doing human rights advocacy. This award means a lot. Being recognized nationally for human rights advocacy is really incredible because it hasn’t been easy. It has involved a lot of pushing through expectations of what young people can achieve. A big part of this work is uplifting young people and showing them that they can have an impact.

Watch the video below to learn more about Clementine’s story:

Clementine talks about her journey as an emerging human rights advocate.
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