STF Librarian-Human Rights Mobile Library, Goz Amer – Umda Tarbosh

Teaching Experience: Former teacher in Darfur, currently teaching mathematics, Arabic and serving as STF Librarian.
Camp Goz Amer (Chad, Africa)
STF Librarian Since: 
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Umda Tarbosh is a refugee leader that survived imprisonment and severe torture in Darfur. During what has been called, “hell on earth,” he lost 45 members of his family in the course of 1 week. 45 family members killed in 1 week. With two other leaders, Umda lead 7,500 refugees (mostly women and children) in their escape from Darfur to Chad after the destruction of their villages. As a refugee, he has been instrumental in bringing support to the camps, including the creation of the preschool program Little Ripples. He is a teacher and traveled with us to Sweden with Darfur United.

We are delighted to welcome Umda Tarbosh as the Librarian of Goz Amer’s Human Rights Mobile Library. “Umda” (oom-dah) is a formal title meaning leader.

During I-ACT’s trip to Chad in March 2012, Umda Tarbosh travelled from Camp Goz Amer to Camp Djabal to be trained by Rahma on the Human Rights Mobile Library materials and Kindles. In addition to his role as librarian, Umba teaches Arabic and mathematics at the elementary level. Umda is married with eight children. One of his daughters is named after actress, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and advocate for Darfuri refugees, Mia Farrow. Another daughter is named Susan Rice, with respect for the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and a member of President Obama’s cabinet.

Umda oversees the Human Rights Mobile Library in the Goz Amer Darfuri refugee camp traveling to the UN-run schools within the camp to supplement their curricula with English and Human Rights materials. We look forward to receiving updates from Umda as the library develops.

Messages from Umda: 

May 7, 2012 — I wish you are well, and so every one over there is well, too. I’m very proud to get a message from you and thank you for this invitation to join the STF Teacher Advisors. AND YOUR LEADING FOR THIS IMPORTANT group, who help those forgotten people to know what are human rights! Most of the people like to learn more of all the rights and I will do my best to make everything easy.

We (here in the camps in Chad) are in far parts, but we will be together by sending and receiving emails. It is the only way to meet. I thank you again and all the advisors, students and teachers who are taking care about us. Dears, thank for all you have done. We received materials for the Human Rights Mobile Library and so we read the books and kindles…. I will keep sending informations about the library.

Many thanks for dear Mr. Gabriel Stauring, who always looks for the best for Darfuri people. I wish to him every best and long life. Please say hello to every one in the STF secondary schools. Please send to us the pictures of your schools and teachers, so will I.

March 27, 2012 — Hello our friends in the human rights organizations, clubs and communities. It is very nice to write to you. We received many things from you from faraway! We received many wonderful books, kindles, letters and other supplies. This will promote the level of our teachers and students. In the near future we will get to know more about the rights of ourselves and of every human in the world! So many thanks from the community here…

We read a few letters on the kindle from our friends over there, and we will write to everyone. Please keep writing to us and we will get to know each other. Thank you very much for your kindness to us!
Thank you. ~Umda

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