STF Registers Voters

September 25, 2018: STFers at Archer School for Girls, Crossroads School, Culver City HS and Sierra Canyon School participated in National Voter Registration Day preregistering and registering students and faculty to vote in the November 6, 2018 midterm elections. STF chapters got more than 150 people registered to vote throughout the day!

Check out photos from STF chapters:

STF leaders at the Archer School for Girls collected over 15 voter registration forms. Photo by Abigale Lischak
Crossroads School registered and preregistered voters, while encouraging peers to vote for human rights.
Photo by Brianna Shepard
Culver City High School STFers registered about 80 peers and faculty during outreach events with ASB on September 20 and 25. Photo by Erin Hamill
Sierra Canyon School hosted a bake sale, preregistered nine voters and got four people to commit to getting their friends and family members to the polls n Election Day! Photo by Tom Pollock

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