STF Shines at HRW’s Voices for Justice Dinner

Photos by Sarah Desage, Kamelia Photography and Leela Cullity Younger

October 6, 2022: Attendees at the 2022 HRW Voices For Justice Dinner enjoyed an evening with Human Rights Watch staff who investigate US democracy, children’s rights and LGBTQ rights.

To kick off the event, in a private meet and greet with HRW researchers Hye Jung Han and Amanda Klasing, STF students and teachers heard about groundbreaking investigations detailing how education technologies violated children’s right to privacy during the pandemic. They also learned of HRW’s United States Democracy Initiative which focuses on economic and social rights, reproductive rights and more.

Later, STFers spread the word about their Vote for the Planet campaign, engaging dinner guests in conversations about what is on the ballot in the midterm elections, environmental justice concerns and their recent advocacy successes. Dinner participants also signed pledges to vote for the planet and get out the vote this November.

Journalist Lisa Ling, Cuban activist Carolina Barrero, musical artist Rostam and HRW’s Director of Communication Mei Fong took the stage during the dinner. There was also a special shout out to STF with a new video highlighting the program’s legacy and impact. Current students and alumni shared their experiences and how STF shaped their lives. Watch the video and share it with your networks to spread the word about STF.

Watch the latest video highlighting the program, impact, and legacy of the Student Task Force, shown at the 2022 Human Rights Watch Voices for Justice Dinner. (Click to watch, 3:13)
Watch the livestream of the Voices for Justice Annual Celebration hosted at the Beverly Hilton on October 6, 2022. (Click to watch, 1:58:11)

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