STFers Celebrate Human Rights Day

December 5 – December 13: STFers continue celebrations for Human Rights Day with another week filled with events hosted at Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, Centennial HS, Corona Del Mar HS, Cypress Community College, Da Vinci Schools, Francis W. Parker School, Harvard Westlake School, Santa Monica HS and Van Nuys HS.

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December 6, 2023: Aga Khan Academy, located in Hyderabad, India, is one of STF’s first international chapters. To celebrate Human Rights Day, STFers hosted a school-wide assembly and worked with their administration to distribute the Human Rights Education Student Survey to their classmates. Congratulations to students at Aga Khan Academy for receiving 70 survey responses in less than a week! Photo by Zanea Ali

December 12, 2023: STFers at Centennial HS collaborated with students across all grades to design and create Instagram posts that celebrate the 30 UDHR articles. These posters were displayed in a classroom, as well as posted on their International Baccalaureate Instagram account to educate IB students about the UDHR. Graphics by Gurnoor Kaur

December 12, 2023: With their first event of the year, STFers at Corona Del Mar high school had an event in their school’s quad. In honor of human rights day, students could spin the wheel and earn a piece of candy if they answered a trivia question about climate change, human rights on the southern border, or the UDHR correctly. Students promoted the event through posters and creating an announcement video on their school’s news network Tritan TV. 

December 5 – December 10, 2023: STFers at Cypress Community College, a new chapter this year, launched a social media campaign honoring Human Rights Day with a countdown to educate their peers about the UDHR and its history. Graphics by Hannah Kampitan

December 13, 2023: Da Vinci STFers held a table event to share our Human Rights on the Southern Border Action Plan and collected 185 signatures to end deadly deterrence policies at the U.S. Southern border. Congratulations Da Vinci Schools! Photo by Samantha Guevara

December 12, 2023:  STFers at Francis W. Parker School hosted a lunch event and human rights trivia game. Attendees shared how much they know and care about their human rights. The participants that finished in the top three were awarded with donuts. Photo by Gabbi McArtor

 December 7, 2023: Harvard Westlake STFers hosted a human rights trivia table during their lunch and conference times. Prizes were given to participants that could answer questions about the UDHR, climate change, deadly deterrence policies, and the history of human rights. Photo by Tess Rosenfeld

 December 7, 2023: Santa Monica STFers hosted a film screening event and watched “The Real Death Valley.” Congratulations to the chapter for collecting 232 petition signatures they will be delivering to Congressman Ted Lieu to end deadly deterrence policies at the U.S. Southern Border.
Photo by Liv Nicholls

December 7, 2023: STF Leaders at Van Nuys HS created Instagram stories to talk about the significance of Human Rights Day and why we should celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UDHR.
Graphics by Cait Legaspi and Lauren Leal

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