STFers in Action: Declaring Our Human Rights

November 2-11, 2023: STFers at Sierra Canyon School, Taipei American School, and Wildwood School educated their campuses on creating safe pathways for migration to the U.S. and investigated their classmates’ foundational knowledge on human rights.

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November 7, 2023: Sierra Canyon School STFers collect signatures for a petition to end deadly deterrence policies at the U.S. Southern border. STFers gathered 132 signatures, which they will deliver to Congressman Mike Garcia to demand that he uphold the human right to seek asylum. Photo by Ana Dias

November 9-11, 2023: At Taipei American School’s Model UN Conference, STFers set up an informational booth, sharing information with visiting students from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and India. Leaders promoted STF, shared the human rights education survey, and talked about humanitarian crises caused by climate change. Photo by Shelby Tang

November 2, 2023: In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Wildwood STF Chapter surveyed classmates on the articles of the UDHR. The results were underwhelming and serve as a great example of why schools should incorporate human rights education into school curriculum. Graphic by Giulia Prough

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