Students Ask the Tough Questions

STF student asks CA Assembly Candidates Bloom and Butler about the right to education in California.
Photo by Patricia Williams

October 25, 2012: “Every generation has their civil rights crisis and education definitively is yours (this generation’s),” said speakers at the STF co-sponsored Candidate and Issues Forum on Education. Though education is the priority of the state of California, most everyone admits it is in serious crisis.

High school students from five STF chapters hosted California Assembly 50th District candidates Richard Bloom and Betsy Butler, and Proposition 30 and 38 representatives Eloy Oakley and Sandy Escobedo, for a candidate and issues forum on the right to education.  More than 110 people attended the event at the Santa Monica Public Library MLK Auditorium, co-sponsored with the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica.

Photos by Patricia Williams

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