Students Vote For The Planet

October 27- November 9, 2022: STF chapters hosted mock elections, interactive tent events, and classroom presentations as their final get out the vote efforts leading up to the 2022 midterm elections. STFers highlighted the importance of being prepared and making informed decisions about candidates and propositions when voting.

Chapter members extensively researched the issues of this year’s election, connected them to human rights and the climate crisis, and presented this research to their classmates and teachers. Across chapters one point was clear: the most effective step we can all take to protect our planet is to vote for candidates and measures that will reshape the ways we address climate change for years to come.

October 2022: Partnering with the Voting Rights Club, Los Osos STF Ambassadors distributed voter materials to history classes and posted information around campus to educate their campus about the issues on California’s November ballot. Photo by Alisa Zhang
October 27, 2022: STF at Animo Venice Charter HS hosted a mock election. Students were given a voter guide about federal and local positions, as well as ballot measures to help them make informed decisions. Photo by Jordan Todd
November 1, 2022: STF Ambassadors at Canyon High School engaged 160 classmates in a mock election where students voted on their state and local representatives as well as California Proposition 30. Before casting their ballots, participants discussed the importance of voting and were encouraged to get pre-registered to vote. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians
November 1, 2022: Santa Monica High School STFers organized an interactive tent event that showcased candidates running for local and federal positions. They also led discussions on environmental inequities across Los Angeles. Photo by Jordan Todd
November 3, 2022: Harvard Westlake STF Ambassadors invited classmates to research candidates and help create bulletin board messages to educate their campus community about candidates positions on climate change. Photo by Rheanna Vradiy
November 4, 2022: At Palisades Charter High School, STFers welcomed thirteen classes to their mock election throughout the day, urging students to consider the importance of voting and encouraging eligible family members and friends to vote as well. Photo by Jordan Todd
November 7, 2022: STF students at New Roads School hosted a mock election with each social studies class on campus, urging students to get out the vote on election day. Photo by Jenny Hunken
November 8, 2022: Sierra Canyon STFers presented to 9-12th grade history classes on how to vote for human rights and how to get registered and pre-registered to vote. Image by Sierra Canyon Human Rights Club
November 9, 2022: STFers from Carson High School explained the cause, impact, and response of a local environmental crisis in the Dominguez Channel. Students also learned about renewable energy and voting for the planet at their interactive tent event. Photo by Suzanne Cheatham-Bello
November 2022: Tapping into parent-teacher conferences, STF Ambassadors at Wildwood school researched candidates on their ballots and posted information about their climate stances around the school so parents could read them while waiting for their teacher meetings. Wildwood students also participated in a two month voter registration drive on campus. Photo by Ever Trattner

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