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Students and teachers across the world have had their privacy violated while using EdTech. Read quotes from interviews conducted by the #StudentsNotProducts team and click to see more articles that discuss violations of students right to privacy.

“My teacher makes me download Facebook, BiP, and WhatsApp for school. I don’t like these apps, because they understand and see everything that I do. They read my messages. They see everything that I do on my phone. This makes me feel bad.”

—Rodin R., Age 9, Istanbul, Turkey

“These companies, they don’t let us know. They’re not transparent with us, saying that this is exactly where your data goes, and this is exactly what happens with it. We’re trusting them blindly without knowing what’s going on…The whole idea starts haunting you, and you get really scared.”

—Priyanka S., 16, Uttar Pradesh, India

“Because Spain was in a state of emergency, the Ministry of Education communicated [to teachers] that consent for privacy, or data protection, was no longer required … Privacy and all that has gone into the background completely, but we have done it because the Ministry has said so.”-

—  Fifth-grade teacher Daniela Andrea Ribeiro Espinoza, in Santiago, Chile

A security flaw in the EdTech app Diksha exposed the data of millions of Indian students.

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Learn about how the school-employed monitoring software Gaggle helped out a LGBTQ student in Minneapolis to their parents.

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Nicole, a high school student in Texas, discusses how the internet has been a key source of reproductive health education since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She didn’t know that GoGuardian’s software alerted the school to her searches.

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