The Road To “Yes” Is Paved With “No”

At STF’s 2022 Winter Leadership Workshop, guest speaker Anisa Nanavati shared her experiences with climate advocacy, encouraging students to talk with their teachers about the need for climate change education. Click to watch the full recording of the workshop (1:10:15).

January 29, 2022: “Don’t be afraid of rejection. Every conversation you have is a little step in the right direction, and those inches become feet and the feet become miles,” said Anisa Nanavati, a 17-year-old climate advocate from Tampa, Florida, to participants at the 2022 STF Winter Leadership Workshop on Saturday, January 29. Anisa shared her experiences as a climate advocate and encouraged students not to give up on their efforts to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy.

STF teacher advisors echoed this call to action, reminding students that they are the change our world needs. “It’s so important to educate the next generation of leaders to push for change. Education is what builds the courage to say what you know and fight for what you believe,” explained Angelica Pereyra, STF Advisor from Palisades Charter High School.

As we continue our push for 100% renewable energy, STFers set goals for what success will look like on their campuses and discussed how to use student and teacher surveys to further their efforts. By advocating for climate education in and outside the classroom, we know that our campaign will end with school communities ready to be the change our world needs to continue fighting climate change!

Let’s keep pushing for “yes”!

Watch STF Teacher Advisors share why students should advocate for climate change education at their schools! (Click to watch, 11:16)

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