TREE Academy’s Board Stands with STF

STFers ask their Board of Directors to support their efforts to transition TREE Academy to 100% renewable energy.
Photo by Storey Sheinberg

[Editors Note: This report was submitted by Adelaide Jarnot, a freshman at TREE Academy and a student leader in TREE Academy’s STF class.]

February 11, 2022: Students from the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force (STF) class at TREE Academy for the Creative Arts, New Technology & Social Justice met with their Board of Directors to ask for their support to switch TREE’s campus to renewable energy. Along with giving the Board their petition signed by 85% of students and teachers, STFers presented a proposal asking for financial support to invest in solar panels and purchase renewable energy from the Southern California Edison Clean Power Alliance to transition the school campus to 100% renewable energy.

The presentation was a resounding success! The Board was intrigued by the discussion and plans to move forward with implementing the proposal.

STF’s class participants are proud of their fantastic first step in reducing their campus’ carbon footprint and leading by example to motivate both their fellow students and the Board of Directors to make more environmentally-friendly choices on- and off-campus now and in the future.

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