Two Student Voices

Angel Macario-Flores and Victoria Valdez share their experiences as student representatives on the LAUSD’s Clean Energy Task Force.

December 2021, HRW STF Weekly Update:

Victoria Valdez, STF leader at Hamilton HS, and Angel Macario-Flores, STF leader at Palisades Charter HS attended meetings this fall as the only student representatives on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Clean Energy Task Force. The task force was created to honor LAUSD’s commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2040.

They share about their experience:

What have you learned by participating in this Task Force?

Victoria: The most interesting thing I have learned is the process of getting plans approved. I assumed that because people have important roles, their projects would automatically be easy to start. But actually, many of the Task Force members have spent months and even years on their causes and have to redevelop much of their work to overcome obstacles.

What surprised you most about being on this Task Force?

Angel: I was surprised by how carefully and cautiously people offered their comments and questions. It also surprised me how complicated and technical the material is. Everything from environmental health and safety to climate change curriculum to electric school buses. But each meeting I’ve grown in understanding.

What is it like to be one of only two student representatives on such an important school district Task Force?

Victoria: It’s very liberating to be a part of a community that eliminates the preconception that ‘because we are young, we are incapable’. It’s a great honor to feel welcomed and to be able to express, not only my concerns, but the valid concerns of countless other young individuals as well.

Angel and Victoria: Please send us your questions about clean renewable energy at your school. We promise to ask your questions and share the responses we receive!

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