We Have a Voice, Let’s Use It!

“We Have a Voice, Let’s Use It!” video of STF in action. (Click to watch, 0:47)

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STF chapters are participating in Fridays For Future’s Global Climate Strike this Friday, September 24. Get motivated by watching STF demonstration and education efforts in our NEW video!

Check out these actions STF chapters are organizing for Friday:

  • Culver City HS: Participants will visit an interactive climate tent at lunch to make climate change pledges, sign their campus’ petition, and learn about efforts to convert their campus to 100% renewable energy.
  • Da Vinci Schools: Teachers will show a PowerPoint to all classes that include climate crisis fast facts and actions students can take to limit their environmental impact.
  • Hamilton HS: Chapter members will wear green for a “green out”, share climate change information, and get petition signatures at lunch.
  • Palisades Charter HS: STFers are organizing a multi-day event leading up to Friday, including climate phrases written in chalk on sidewalks (see below), inviting students and staff to sign their campus’ petition, and asking teachers to participate in a “lights out” day by turning off their classroom lights.

Need more inspiration? Check out advocacy/demonstration ideas developed at STF’s Fall Leadership Workshop. Remember, human rights advocacy starts with the person next to you.

Don’t forget to register your event to show solidarity with Fridays For Future’s Global Climate Strike!

Palisades Charter HS STFers use chalk at the front entrance of their school to raise awareness about climate change. 
Photo by Nicole Andres

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