What Do Human Rights Organizations Have To Do With Climate?

HRW’s Richard Pearshouse answers the question, “what do human rights organizations have to do with climate?” at an STF Meet & Greet discussion (Click to watch, 43:40)

March 6, 2024: A group of STF leaders met with HRW’s Richard Pearshouse, Director of Environment and Human Rights, for a special meet and greet. When answering the question, “what do human rights organizations have to do with climate?”, Richard explained there is a lot of overlap between environmental issues and human rights issues, highlighting the role young people play in combating the global climate crisis.

“The gap between what the government is doing and what the government should be doing is hugely important in the climate space. In this case, the moral clarity of youth and student protestors is something that gives me an enormous amount of hope over the last few years. The youth have come to the same conclusion that this is not working. Data has not changed and it hasn’t changed for 30-40 years. We are not having the political response from governments that we need to. In many countries, youth and others are protesting and making those basic claims,” said Richard.

During the event, Richard also shared examples of HRW’s work to protect individual communities and environmental activists, and took questions from the audience about how STFers can create careers from their advocacy.

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