Why They Flee

March 27-28, 2023: STFers at Da Vinci Schools, Hamilton HS and Santa Monica HS hosted film screenings, table events, and interactive tent exhibitions to educate their classmates about threats to the human right to seek asylum in the US immigration system. 

STFers led discussions on why people flee their homes to reach the United States and the policies that impact what happens once they arrive. They also collected petition signatures that will be hand-delivered to their Congressional representatives in the coming months.

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March 27, 2023: STFers at Hamilton HS explain the impact of deadly deterrence policies on asylum seekers trying to enter the US while students sign their petition to Congressman Ted Lieu. Photo by Sydney Shintani
March 27, 2023: 11th graders at Da Vinci Schools watched “The Real Death Valley: The Untold Story of Mass Graves and Migrant Deaths” documentary in their history classes to learn about the little-known story of hundreds of migrants who have died in the sweltering Texas brush while trying to evade a US Border Patrol checkpoint. Students signed STF’s petition demanding Congress take steps to end deadly deterrence policies and uphold the human right to seek asylum.
Graphic by The Weather Channel
March 28, 2023: Santa Monica HS STFers walk their classmates through the grueling journey asylum seekers face trying to reach safety with testimonies from migrants who survived the jungle of the Darien Gap in Panama, who walked thousands of miles through Central America, and those who risked life and limb riding the cargo train known as “La Bestia”. Photo by Sydney Shintani
March 28, 2023: STFers discuss US deadly deterrence policies by sharing a story of two young siblings who try to cross the desert to enter the US. One group was so moved by the presentation, they applauded and rushed to sign the petition demanding Congressman Ted Lieu work to protect the human rights of asylum seekers. Photo by Sydney Shintani

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