Wildwood Leads in Restoring Human Rights Mobile Library

Rahma in his new hut in Camp Djabal. Photo by Gabriel Stauring

Jan 29, 2013: Wildwood STF leaders welcomed Gabriel Stauring to an all-school presentation to discuss resupplying the recently destroyed Human Rights Mobile Library in Camp Djabal in Chad. After watching videos of the camp’s librarian Rahma, 7-12th graders asked questions about the Mobile Library, Rahma’s future and how they can help bring human rights education to Camp Djabal. Gabriel’s presentation launched Wildwood’s Change-for-Change campaign to help restore the Mobile Library, which includes talking dictionaries, e-readers, maps, special books like an illustrated encyclopedia, English Language Learners material, famous international speeches about human rights, etc.

Other STF chapters have also indicated they want to send letters, photos and new  human rights materials for the Mobile Library when Gabriel returns to Chad later this spring.

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